How to Embed a Tweet on Your Website or Blog

Easily embed any tweet on your website

Us social media marketers and fellow bloggers have been integrating screenshots of tweets to help demonstrate whatever tip, trick or case study we were writing about.  You can see in one of my older blog posts – The Twitter Hash Tag  I have taken a screenshot of a tweet to demonstrate the use of a hashtag.

Twitter has now given us a fantastic new tool that allows us to embed any tweet into a webpage, blog post, e-mail or any other platform that uses HTML.   The embedded tweet is fully functional, including a profile link, follow button, reply, retweet and favourite links, and text that can be copied to your clipboard!  This means readers can interact with this tweet in the way they would be able to on Twitter, promoting 1-click engagement without even navigating off the page!

For all the developers out there who are wondering, ‘how can I edit the code to tailor the tweet to my website?’  Twitter has published advanced details on How to Embed a Tweet here.