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What are backlinks?

Backlinks are an effective SEO technique that can improve your ranking on Google.

People might think a backlink is when you refer to yourself on your page – that is incorrect!

Outbound links are when you link to yourself on your website.

backlink is when another company links to your website on their content.

Backlinks are not as complicated as they may seem.

Common types of backlinks

Let’s say you have your own website and you review items of clothing.

You may write an article on your website about a new outfit you purchased from a clothing store.

You will want to inform people of where you got it.

Instead of simply saying, “I got it from a shop near my house”, you will provide a backlink to the company by linking the product URL in your website content.

That is how a backlink is made.

However, not all backlinks will have the same amount of importance.


Metric score and SEO

People may hear about backlinks and decide to create links to their website on WordPress, Hubspot or other free online webpage makers so it can boost the SEO of their website.

While, in theory, it may sound great to have 100 backlinks to your website on low-quality web pages, it is better to aim to get backlinks on websites that have more credibility.

Creating backlinks on websites with excellent domain metrics will boost your ranking on search engines.

The main types of domain metrics include:

By getting backlinks on websites that are more relevant to your business, more viewers will likely be genuinely interested in the product/service you offer.

A backlink on a company with better domain metrics will organically increase the company’s SEO score.

Five key facts about websites and backlinks

  1. Backlink creation is considered one of the two most important criteria that Google considers in its page ranking algorithm.
  2. 52% of marketers say that being mentioned by a brand’s website will impact their organic search results.
  3. 94% of web content across the world can have zero external links.
  4. 41% of SEO experts say building backlinks is one of the trickiest parts of SEO optimisation.
  5. 92% of marketers believe that the number of backlinks will be part of Google’s ranking criteria in two years.
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