Advertising Solutions

interactive digital sales provides advertising solutions on some of the UK’s most popular digital TV channels and their associated websites. This means we can tailor a combination of our channels and media which is right for each and every advertiser, no matter how big or small, and no matter how challenging your objectives are.

Valuable audiences
Over 27 million people in 12 million multichannel homes watch our channels. Our viewers are among the UK’s most affluent: they earn more, spend more and consume more than most households, and are therefore more valuable to you, the advertiser.

Engaged audiences
They watch our channels because they really want to, above all else at the time of viewing. They are discerning viewers with 350 other channels to watch and an ‘Off’ switch to press who find programmes they love, and then watch them attentively.

A popular medium
Digital TV has grown from being the choice of a few to an indispensable lifestyle companion of the majority. In multichannel homes, multichannel stations command a greater share of viewing than BBC1 and ITV1 combined, such is the popularity of digital channels.

Interactivity – a new relationship
Over 8 million people have interacted with their TVs, and through this revolutionary new technology the relationship between the advertiser and the consumer has never been more exciting and personal.

Advertising on television is no longer exorbitant. Whether your budget is £10,000 or £10,000,000 we can find a solution that will work for you. Television can be an intimidating medium but it is no longer the preserve of the biggest brands – many of our advertisers are pleasantly surprised by what can be achieved for thousands of pounds rather than tens or hundreds of thousands. We can help you reach the right audience for your brand, quickly and cost effectively, using some of the most highly regarded media brands in the UK.

Your business
The Business Development team at ids is dedicated to finding the right solution to help grow your business. We can design a bespoke proposal across airtime, internet and interactive to efficiently communicate to your market, however broad or targeted. The first step is to contact us. Click here to see who we are! We won’t talk jargon or technicalities (unless you want us to, of course).